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Asbestos abatement and removal is a complex procedure which is why New York does not allow anyone to handle asbestos unless they are properly trained for the same. New York State Department of Labor issues a special NY asbestos abatement contractor’s license only to companies who satisfy the set of licensing requirements as specified by NYS Department of labor. These firms which are listed with the department are the only ones which are permitted to work on an asbestos abatement project in New York.

Asbestos Licensing Regulations

There are two kinds of asbestos licenses provided by NYS Department of Labor

  • Business License - Given to firms for working on asbestos projects. In order for a company to get an asbestos contractor’s license to work in the state of New York, the following are some of the conditions that the contractors need to meet:
    • The firm must certify that all the persons employed in the firm on asbestos projects, with duties like removal, encapsulation etc., have received training to work on asbestos projects.
    • The firm must have compensation and disability insurance for its workers The license costs $500 to the firm and is valid for one year to work in New York. Thereafter license renewal costs $ 300. New York doesn’t support reciprocity agreements with other states for asbestos contractor’s license.
  • Individual License – Given to individuals who have undergone asbestos abatement training. Some of the individual certificates generally issued are inspector, management planner, supervisor, project designer, project monitor etc.

Asbestos Licensing Unit in NY

Several departments and functional machineries in government organizations work in tandem to implement state asbestos control regulations. The New York State Department of Labor manages the licensing system of the asbestos. It has an Asbestos Control Bureau (ACB) under the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) which is involved in:

  • Asbestos licensing for both contractors and individuals
  • Pre-abatement notifications
  • NESHAP/demolition/renovation/wet/tag/bag/bury
  • AHERA/Schools
  • Inspections and site audits
  • Site clearance requirements and sampling.

The licensing unit of ACB is situated at the following address:

License & Certification Unit, Asbestos Control Bureau (ACB) ,Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH), State Office Campus, Room 161A, Albany, NY 12240.

The Bureau, which works closely with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), also maintains information on licensed contractors and other New York asbestos related information available for general public.